Open Water Swimming Sessions

Now that the water is (marginally) warmer it is everyone s favorite time of the year - open water swimming season!!

This year these sessions will be lead by Carmel Farrell and Claire Jones

The first session will be on Monday 1st May  at 7pm at the 40 foot

The dates of the rest of the sessions are

Sunday 14th May - 2pm Ladies Shelter, Bull Wall,  Clontarf

Tuesday 23th May - 40 Foot, meet at 7:20 in the water at 7:30

Thursday 1st June

Tuesday 6th June

Tuesday 13th June

Sunday 18th June

Tuesday 4th July

Keep an eye on our Training Calendar  for updates on exact location and time.

Please also bear in mind that tides and weather can effect time and location so if in doubt just ask!!

These sessions are wetsuit mandatory. However, if you reckon you're made of sterner stuff, the Masters section of the club go swimming without wetsuits. 

If you have any questions just email 

Women in Tri Leadership roles

At this year's Triathlon Ireland AGM there was a seminar dedicated to discussing the topic of women in leadership roles in triathlon in Ireland.

The TI Board had noticed that excellent female participation levels of 35% do not translate into similar levels of female involvement in other areas of our sport.  For example only 10% of the board, club chairs and race organisers are female while the figures for TOs and coaches is 25%.

Jean Wallace and Derval Cromie attended the event on behalf of the club

Click the button below to read some of the notes that were taken.

If this is something you have ideas about, want to get involved directly in or think we could be doing things better we want to hear from you. Just email us at



Brick Sessions




The brick sessions will run at 9:30am on Saturdays,  meeting at the Pope's Cross, with dates from 22nd April to 17th June inclusive. The sessions are open to all club members, will last from 9:30-11:00, and will include advice on transitioning effectively. Tim Downing will be running these sessions.

They will take place half-way up the Khyber Pass, bar 22nd April due to the pesky Belpark duathlon the same morning and location.

A brick session consists of a short cycle with a rapid dismount followed by a short run, repeated a few times. This simulates the second transition in a Triathlon and gets you used to the switch in effort from one muscle group to another. 


Welcome to the 3D Club League 2017!

Welcome to the 3D Club League 2017!

The racing season is almost upon us, with an excellent pool based opener Portlaoise Try-a-Tri and Sprint almost upon us - 8th April 2017

Entry details:

This year the club league will allow our athletes to compete on the national stage by taking part in the Triathlon Ireland National Series whilst competing in our 3D club league.

Both will follow roughly the same format in that four events will count, with a requirement to complete in at least one Sprint and one Olympic distance.

A few distinctions between the Club League and the National Series:

  •  3D Club league will attract bonus points (10 points) for those competing in a distance for the first time.
  •  Bonus points (five points)  will be awarded for a number of specific events listed below.
  •  A number of additional events have been added to the Club League not listed on the National Series.

Have a great year, most importantly enjoy and encourage each other along the way.


3D Abu!



The start of the racing season is upon us and possibly the most beginner friendly race will kick off on 8th April in Portlaoise.

This race consists of a pool swim (750m for the sprint and 400m for the Try-a-Tri), a 19km cycle and 5 km run.

This is a great race to cut your teeth on and 3D have always been well represented, both in the race and among the spectators. Even if you are an experienced triathlete there is no better way to kickstart your season.

Entries close on 31st March so don't miss out.