DCM 2016 by Alan Dilleen

DCM 2016

Lead Up

Friday 28th I went for my tempo run (6k) – the last run in my training plan and then registered at the Expo. The next day I brought the kids to GAA as normal. My calf was not great – I began to get a sharp point in it about 10 days ago and after foam rolling and compression it was not going away, I was a little worried. Relaxed for the rest of the day, sipping water. Cousins were up that evening, my sister in law Liz was doing DCM too.

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North Tipp Sprint Tri Race Report (Nenagh)

Or Viruses, Vertigo & VO2Max

By Derval Cromie

Up at 5am to pop stuff in car, shower, and get bike on. We were heading to my parents in Cork for Easter after the race, so there was a fair bit to load up. Kids were game to come support me in the race and were tucked up with cushions and blankets in the back. Gorgeous morning at sunrise but chilly – thought about the Happy Pear crew who do #swimrise in the Greystones sea – and wondered how they do it. Overnight oats in almond milk & scrambled eggs for breakfast for me. We got away around 6.30, waving goodbye to our mad cockapoo Hugo (our dog) as he wondered when the neighbours were coming round to collect him.

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