3D Triathlon Club


We’re delighted to have you as a new member of the club! The main objective in forming 3D Triathlon was to create a club to welcome triathletes of all levels, from beginners to elites. 

The philosophy was to provide top quality coaching and structured training sessions to appeal to a cross-section of abilities.  These are the values that continue to drive our club today. 

This is YOUR club so if there is something that you think we should be doing but aren't, email us and let us know.

If you have any questions about the club, or triathlon in general just email us at hello@3dtri.ie and ask

Where to get information

The website is the key place to go for club information, documents, updates and training schedule. You can find HERE. Club announcements, training updates and news will all be posted on the site to give universal access. There are also club members pages where you can book training, find useful documents like cycling and swimming etiquette and the club constitution. To access the members area, you will receive a password after joining the club. If you have not, then please email hello@3dtri.ie

There is also a private group on Facebook “3D Triathlon Club” where members post updates and have group discussions. This is also a great way to see any ad hoc training or group activities which happen outside of the scheduled sessions, in particular during the summer months. The administrators will approve you to join the private group.


There are multiple different training sessions for each discipline run over the course of the season. All training is built to suit all levels, so beginners need not be concerned!

Swimming typically takes place on Mondays and Friday’s in the pool in Belvedere College. There are separate lanes to suit all abilities and the swim coaches will assess you in your first sessions and put you in the right lane. More details can be found HERE.

Members also organise Open Water Swimming get togethers during the summer months. The emphasis in this session will be in getting into the water for acclimatisation, not swimming any particular distance. If you haven't swam in the open water before this is the perfect way to start. We will be in groups, so nobody will be swimming on their own. You will need a wetsuit for this. Email us if you need a bit of guidance on getting the right wetsuit for you.  These sessions will not be weekly but instead will be spread out over the summer and will vary between weekends and midweek depending on tides and weather. Locations will also change session to session.

Running training is based out of the Phoenix park on Tuesdays and alternates between Saturdays & Sunday mornings. More information can be found HERE.

Cycling Turbo training on Thursday is based in Gaelscoil Bharra, Cabra West. These are member-lead sessions that are suited for every ability. You should bring a water bottle, hand towel, change of clothes (you will get VERY sweaty) a bike and a turbo. If you don’t have a turbo the club has a limited number that we can loan out. Just email us at hello@3dtri.ie

The training calendar on the website HERE has the most up to date information and locations for the various sessions and keep an eye out for the news and updates on the website. 

Club activities

There are numerous club activities which takes place across the year and we would be delighted to have you attend any or all of these as it’s a great opportunity to get to know the other members and share hints, tips, tricks and experience.

For some inspiration check out the race reports sent in by various members of the club as they have tackled some of the hardest races in the world HERE.

There is an weekend away / training weekend planned usually in March. There will also be a few social events/nights over the summer which we will keep you updated on, the club AGM in October and Christmas parties and award ceremonies.

There is also a Club League which is open to everyone, from total newcomer to seasoned pro can compete in. Shiny prizes to be won!!!!