See the training schedule for group cycle times, and training locations for where to meet. Also, keep an eye on the Facebook group for more info prior to each session. Please remember to arrive at least 5 minutes early so that the cycle can begin on time.


There will be four groups ranging from group 1 (beginner) to group 4 (advanced). Existing members should know their ability. New members should start in an appropriate group based on the group guidelines below. If in doubt opt for a lower group - this is for your sake (so you can keep up) and everyone else's (so you’re not slowing them down).

Group leaders

Each group will have a leader for each Sunday’s cycle, except for group 4 who are experienced enough not to require one. The leader will be volunteer from the club members.

Group guidelines

These guidelines are very rough as terrain, road surface and weather all have an impact on distance and speed. Also note these guidelines are for early in the autumn/winter season.

Groups will progress in speed and distance.

Group 1 - 40km quickly moving to 60km at a speed of about 23kph.

Group 2 - 55km going as long as 70-80km.  Speed of about 25-26kph.

Group 3 - 65km quickly moving to 80km and at a speed of about 27-28kph.

Group 4 - 80km quickly moving to 100km at a speed of 30+kph.

Winter/Spring progression

From April the group cycle will involve bouts of higher intensity work.  This will be in the form of solo short efforts. This will be optional. Further details will be posted on the Facebook group.