Open Water Swimming Sessions

Now that the water is (marginally) warmer it is everyone s favorite time of the year - open water swimming season!!

This year these sessions will be lead by Carmel Farrell and Claire Jones

The first session will be on Monday 1st May  at 7pm at the 40 foot

The dates of the rest of the sessions are

Sunday 14th May - 2pm Ladies Shelter, Bull Wall,  Clontarf

Tuesday 23th May - 40 Foot, meet at 7:20 in the water at 7:30

Thursday 1st June

Tuesday 6th June

Tuesday 13th June

Sunday 18th June

Tuesday 4th July

Keep an eye on our Training Calendar  for updates on exact location and time.

Please also bear in mind that tides and weather can effect time and location so if in doubt just ask!!

These sessions are wetsuit mandatory. However, if you reckon you're made of sterner stuff, the Masters section of the club go swimming without wetsuits. 

If you have any questions just email