Brick Sessions

Brick session Sat 930-11 (7th April), meet at the Pope’s Cross carpark, Phoenix park. Session venue: Furze road (if you are late) - aka half way up the Kyber pass. Format: (i) bike + run warm-up (15 mins) (ii) main set (30-40 mins) (iii) warm-down. All welcome.
Bricks will run every Sat 930-11 to June
(except 21st April, duathlon in park)
Bricks are THE MOST IMPORTANT SESSION for triathletes. I cannot emphasise this enough. Training is all about specificity, and bricks replicate most elements of the race experience. Perfect practise delivers performance and all that. Plus you are in a group, so pushing yourself is easier, and we go for coffee/cake in the VC afterwards for a chat. Come along.
Essential gear: helmet, bike, runners, your usual cycling/running gear (always bring extra clothes, you're in Ireland not the Sahara).
Recommended gear: bike shoes, triathlon-specific lock laces on your runners, leggings to simulate a wetsuit.
During the session you can leave extra gear in your bag at transition where it will be secure.
Remember all are welcome, fast/slow, new/experienced.
The bricks will involve doing repeats of cycling, transitioning and running to replicate a race environment as much as possible. Learning to run after cycling hard, how to transition quickly, and how to pace are key things you will get from this sessions, in addition to the novelty of the new sessions, group training and improvement in speed.