Training update

Hi everybody,

We are getting into race season so just thought we would give you an update on where we are with training

Tim's Brick Sessions have already commenced in the park. These are the perfect way to get race-ready or, if you are new to triathlon get a taste of what it is like to switch from cycling to running quickly. Specificity is a key component to training so there are huge benefits to be gained from practicing this changeover in a non-race setting. Details are on the calendar

Mid week cycling with Thomas will be starting on Wednesday 2nd May and will run for 5 weeks. These will be either hill sessions in Howth or fast repeats out by the airport. Keep an eye on the  calendar for details of each session

Open water swimming will be starting on Monday 7th May ( Bank Holiday Monday). This will be in the late afternoon to suit the tides but also to allow everyone to do some baking as we will be once again having a BAKE OFF to mark the first dip of the year. The emphasis in this session will be in getting into the water for acclimatisation not swimming any particular distance. If you haven't swam in the open water before this is the perfect way to start. We will be in groups so nobody will be swimming on their own. You will need a wetsuit for this. Email us if you need a bit of guidance on getting the right wetsuit for you.  These sessions will not be weekly but instead will be spread out over the summer and will vary between weekends and midweek depending on tides and weather. Locations will also change session to session. Details will be on the calendar

Our other training sessions are continuing but as we get fully into race season the frequency of group training sessions may lessen as people will be off actually racing!

The Club League is up and running too. THis is something everyone, from total newcomer to seasoned pro can compete in. Shiney prizes to be won!!!!

There will also be a few social events/nights over the summer which we will  keep you updated on.

This is YOUR club so if there is something that you think we should be doing but aren't, email us and let us know.

If you have any questions about the club, or triathlon in general just email us at and ask