Inter Club TT

Tritanium Triathlon Club has been in contact and is organising an inter-club TT series starting on Sunday 25th March. This is open to every body to participate in. The aim is that this will become a regular event not run by a particular club, but rather shared between a few

It is over a 16km one way route ( easy cycle/cool down on the way back)

This is a great way to set yourself a benchmark at the start of the year and mark your progress as you continue. Its up to you how seriously or not you take this. 

While some of the club will be in Carlow for the first one I hope to see some of you joining me for the others



The Inter Club TT League will take place on the following dates (provisional):

Sunday 25th March – First Rider off at 12:00 noon

Sunday 29th April – First Rider off at 12:00 noon

Tuesday 15th May – First Rider off at 7:15pm

Tuesday 19th June – First Rider off at 7:15pm

Tuesday 17th July – First Rider off at 7:15pm (*Also Club Champs)

Tuesday 21st August – First Rider off at 7:15pm



  1. Hard Shell Helmets are compulsory.
  2. All Riders must sign on at the designated point, which closes 15 minutes before race start time, sharp.
  3. Only riders with a Triathlon Ireland license and who are registered with one of the participating clubs may take part.
  4. All riders will be on the matrix to marshal a time trial, if you are unable to make the date it is up to the rider to provide a suitable replacement. If you do not marshal there will be an automatic 12 MONTH BAN.
  5. Any rider caught or found to be intentionally littering, either on their way to the race, at the start line or during the race will be banned from the league for 12 months.
  6. Any abuse to fellow riders, officials or the public will result in instant dismissal from the TT/League & the committee will meet to decide appropriate disciplinary action.
  7. You must try and leave the finish line area as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to locals, as well as clear space for any riders that are following you.
  8. Riders must obey the rules of the road and officials at all times.
  9. No cameras or recording equipment is to be used or displayed on any rider or bike.
  10. Points are awarded to the top 6 finishes in each category (1st = 11, 2nd = 10, 3rd = 9, 4th = 8, 5th = 7, 6th = 6)
  11. Any rider who completes the Time Trial or marshals is awarded 5 points.
  12. A rider’s best 4 events out of the 6 will count for points towards the league title.
  13. The committee’s decision is final.