Ironman Dublin 70.3 2017

The big day is nearly here! For the 20 club members ( that's right, 20!) doing the race its time to start thinking about packing your transition bag, giving your bike a quick once over and deciding where the post race refreshments are going to be.
So, I would like to wish the very best of luck to:

Martin McCaffery #118
Andy Kinane #147
Jason Corbett #225
Robert Nagy #226
Lukasz Szwed #423
Sameer Rane #424
Dean Savery #425
Simon Befort #426
Sean Rooney #427
Giannini Vito #428
Ronan Flynn #429
Peter McGoey #430
Thibaut Lust #431
Iwan Harmsen #432
Kevin Coughlan #433
Adrian Rutledge #434
Ian Devlin #435
Alan Dilleen #436
Karina Murray #738
Emma McMenamy #795

for the rest of mere mortals, we have our job to do as well, namely cheering, making lots of noise and making our presence felt on the course.
In other words 3D CORNER!
Location is shown on the attached image. By standing there we get to see everyone twice on each lap of the run.
Just to give you an idea of timing, the REALLY fast guys should be entering the park on their bikes roughly between 9:30 and 10:00, so Im planning on being there from about 10:00- 10:30 ( depending on how much of a lie-in I need on the day), but we can fine tune the schedule closer to the time.
So, grab everything orange that you can, feel free to bring something noisy (cowbells, rattles, your voice), prepare some healthy snacks and get ready to spend Sunday morning cheering on your clubmates and also several hundred total strangers.

3D Abu!!!