• For pool based swims a swim suit or tri-suit is worn - if you usually race wearing calf-guards or arm warmers you will not be allowed to use these in the pool. You will be asked to remove them before the swim.
  • For pool based swims you will not be allowed to do tumble turns. If you do you will be stopped and the rule explained. If it’s a case that you can’t be stopped (e.g. you don’t hear the marshal) you will be given a time penalty


  • Ensure your helmet is on and fastened at all times when you are touching your bike.  Basically make sure that BEFORE you touch your bike in T1 you have your helmet on and fastened….and in T2 make sure you rack your bike BEFORE you take off your helmet.
  • Do not get on your bike before the Mount line when going out on the bike course
  • When coming in off the bike course make sure you get off your bike before the dismount line
  • No marking of where your bike is. When you see so many bikes racked together you might wonder how you’ll find your bike and might be tempted to mark it in some way (coloured towel on saddle, a flag, jacket, etc). If you do this the marker will be removed. There is no penalty but you may come out expecting to be able to easily see your bike and if you can’t it can cost you time.


  • Crossing the white line in the centre of the road
  • Failing to observe the rules of the road to an extent where your actions are deemed to be hazardous
  • And/or failing to take directions from a marshal where again your actions are deemed to be hazardous
  • All these carry a penalty of disqualification (DQ)
  • Drafting – basically you just need to make sure there is a 10m gap between you and the person in front. (Note it used to be 12m but this has changed for 2015).

    If you wish to pass someone in front of you that is fine (once you follow the rules of the road and do not cross over a continuous white line). You have 20 seconds to complete the pass

    If you are the person being passed then once the other person passes you the onus is on you to drop back out of their draft zone (10m).

    Drafting penalties have been increased and for a Sprint race you’ll be penalised 2 minutes.



General Rules:                                                                                                                       

  • No earphones or earplugs
  •  No phones or music players

  • No abuse of marshals or any race volunteers (DQ )
  • Race number to be visible on Bike (to the back) and Run (to the front)
    On this point it would be good to get a race belt as you can easily move your number around and you can also put it over a jacket

The race referees can be identified by their white and black t-shirts and caps and will have a hi-vis jacket on saying Triathlon Ireland Technical Official. If you are unsure about anything when setting up or even during the race itself feel free to stop one and ask a question. They are only too happy to help.