Rescheduled for Thursday the 25th of July. Start at 19:00 at Bull Wall Swim Point.

The Club Training Aquathon is taking place on Thursday the 25th of July, at Bull Wall. Meeting before the race from 6:00 on, and race start at 7:00.

Share a great evening with the club - a bit of friendly competition, useful race practice, good craic, and some buns and cakes for sustenance.

This will be a sprint distance aquathon - approx 750m swim and 5k run. The event is open to club members only.

A great opportunity for anyone a bit apprehensive about open water swimming. This will be a relaxed atmosphere - there will be lots of support from the club members, plus kayaks for safety.

All club members who cannot provide a written note from their mam or guardian will be expected to be in attendance to help make 3D great! :D

Race details

The meeting point will be on the beach, at the transition area as shown below. We’ll have a marshal at the transition area at all times to mind gear.

Swim entrance, at steps as shown in the picture below. Swim out to the buoy, and back out to the main steps.

Short run up to transition on the beach.

5k run, 2.5k run up to a bollard, and 2.5k back to the finish line beside transition.

Prizes and back off afterwards.

A team of volunteers from the club will be acting as race marshals. We’ll also have kayaks at hand for safety during the swim.

Note that club membership (and by consequence TI membership) is a requirement.