Often the most challenging of the 3 sports and the one that puts many good bikers and runners off participating in triathlon at all is swimming!

The club attempts to offer help, advice and encouragement to everyone - from total novices starting from scratch to those looking to improve their swimming. A cliche, but to help us help you find the most suitable club session to improve, we've attempted to categorize swimmers:

Beginners: Total novice, struggling to do 2 lengths without a break but can take instruction

Improvers : Those able to do basic sets ... say 6x100 metres on 2.15

Advanced: People able to do sets of 6x100 metres off 2 min

Still unsure where you fit? Just drop us a line by clicking here.

Coached Club Sessions

Weekly coached sessions available to all members occur throughout the year and provide access to a wealth of knowledge held by the club's swim coaches. The location, details and the content of these sessions can be found on our training schedule.  This is updated over the course of the year for all our club sessions and not just swimming so it's worth keeping an eye on it. 

Are you a new member or thinking of joining? No problem - just email hello@3dtri.ie us with you hope to attend a session (swimming or otherwise) and we'll let you know what might suit best, who you'll meet when attending etc. You'd be very welcome to 'tri' a session with us before joining so consider yourself very welcome! 

Open Water Training and Swim Ireland Open Water racing

From April to September each year the club also runs regular sessions in open water.  Since most triathlons are held with an open water swim it's always a good idea to 'acclimatise' to the environment and get used to applying your swimming skills in a wet-suit prior to your first race of the season - or just your first race! The timing of these sessions are tide dependent but occur weekly or more throughout the summer months and its always safer and more fun to swim with a group. Members can check out our private Facebook group for updates.

Swim Information and Coaching for ALL Members

If members can't make any of the club's swim sessions it's important to understand that the coaching resources are still available to you. If you've got a question, need some advice or help with sessions to motivate you from bed to pool in the mornings then just ask! The club's goal is to help people enjoy their swimming - whether it be in the pool or in the open water as part of a triathlon or family holiday and to do so safely.

We'd hope that club swimming sessions are seen as a good place to meet up with other club members, have fun learning and training together in a safe, supported and encouraging environment.