See the training schedule for times and training locations for where to meet. Also, keep an eye on the Facebook group for more info prior to each session.

Groups - all standards welcome

All levels of runner from complete novice, to the perpetually unfit due to injury, to experienced marathon runners are welcome. So don't let feelings of being unfit or to "slow" deter you from coming along to a run session.

The Spring Run Plan

The goal for this block is to add some sharpness when moving towards the race season. A lot of the time in triathlon the run leg is not necessarily about being fast but being the one who slows down the least. This is achieved by having strong aerobic conditioning, solid technique and strength (both mental and physical).

Sessions will vary from week to week working on high end sharpness but also still working on aerobic efficiency. This will be achieved through various forms of interval training. Each session will have the following generic structure.

  • Approx 2km warmup.

  • Dynamic stretches, drills and strides.

  • Intervals covering a cumulative distance from about 5km-8km depending on any given session. Number of repetitions and target times will be adjusted to suit the individual so all levels of ability will be catered for. Variations include:

    • Distance repetitions with 50-90% of interval time on recovery (e.g. 8 x 400m on 90sec with 45-80sec recovery).

    • Hill repetitions (uphill and downhill technique).

    • Build runs (e.g. 2km steady, 2km medium, 2km hard).

    • Time trials and race simulation.

  • Approx 2km cooldown and static stretching.

Duration for each session will be approx 1h 15min.