Aoifes' Ab Attack

An ab specific workout from our very own Aoife Fay

- aim to complete this ab-specific circuit following 3 rounds of the 'core stability circuit : level 1' (details in previous post)

- this ab-specific circuit should be completed 3 times through

  1. Elbow to knees crunches 6/8/8

  2. Pelvic pushes 8/10/10

  3. Ab crunches 8/10/10

  4. Portland sit-ups 6/8/6

  5. Swiss Ball plank 10*/15*/15*

  6. V sit-ups 6/8/8

  7. Fast ab-pulse 10/12/10


1. Elbow to knee crunches : KEEP SHOULDERS/UPPER BACK OFF THE FLOOR - 'tap' your right elbow with your left knee' - after -tapping' DO NOT RETURN BACK TO THE FLOOR - repeat 6 (or 8 in round 2 and 3 ) on EACH opposite side. 

2. Pelvic pushes: place palms flat on ground with no pressure - DO NOT USE HANDS TO 'PUSH' YOU UP - toes pointed - legs straight

3. Ab crunches : DO NOT RETURN YOUR BACK TO THE GROUND. if you cannot do this - this is a warning your core muscles must be strengthened BIG TIME (overtime with correct repetition you will succeed in keeping your upper back/shoulders off the ground)

4. Portland sit-up : lie flat on back - lift shoulders/upper back off ground - one knee bent and one leg straight in front of you - 'slide' your arms up the leg that is straight - these are a much sloooower movement than the ab crunches - DO NOT RETURN YOUR BACK TO THE GROUND!!!

5. Swiss ball plank (with knees bent on floor) : place elbows/forearms on the swiss ball - roll the swiss ball out in front of you as far as possible - knees bent on the ground - you must balance - while stretched out and knees bent, kick your feet back to your butt - hold for the stated number of seconds (*10 (round 1) - *15 (round 2) - *15 (round 3) - look straight ahead (pick a point to focus on the wall as this will hurt!!!) NOTE : you do not have to do the funny 'breast kick included in this video - 
this will be a progression - start with no kick)

6. V sit-ups : lie flat on back - arms out straight behind head - legs out straight in front of you - tighten core muscles - raise arms and feet to meet in the centre of your torso - return to starting position and repeat

7. Fast Ab- pulses : this is the exact same technique as the 'ab crunches' EXCEPT these are too be done FAST. 'pulse' fast for the stated number of repetitions

And that's it guys! Do this ab -specific circuit 3 times, following the 3 rounds of the level 1 core stability circuit (in previous post)

Any questions or queries at all, please message me! 

Enjoy you guys and best of luck! 

Aoife :)