3D Club Day 2019 – 26 January 2019

Gym Hall Timetable – Free to all members

9:30AM Run Warmup

9:45AM Run to be led by run coach

11:15AM Run Warmdown

11:30AM Coffee break

12:00PM Pliates

1:00PM Beginner bike maintenance – know your bike, (punctures, gears, adjusting saddle height etc)

1:30PM Lunch

2:30PM Turbo

4:00PM close of school

7:00PM Social evening – details to be confirmed but there will be a free drink for any member that attends a session during the day

Classroom 1 – Vo2 Testing – Cost TBC


www.myhealthmatters.ie (Sean Kinane) will provide a bike test which will give you your Vo2 score, max heart rate, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, 4 unique training zones, recovery times, calorie expenditure for all zones.

Each consultation lasts 45 minutes and you must provide your own bike.

Book your time with 3D tri club via our website

Note: You should not partake in any training sessions on the day and no food, tea, coffee 2 hrs before the test. You may not be able to partake in any training sessions after!

Classroom 2 – Bike Fitting – Cost Road Bike - €70, TT Bike - €85, Road Bike plus TT Bike - €120


www.bikefittingireland.ie (Aidan Hammond) will provide Standard Bike Fitting (Road Bike and/or TT Bike) for members. Each fitting takes 90mins.

Suitable for cyclists at any level. Aidan will use a 9 step process to fit your bike to you. Using the latest technology he will analyse each point of contact you have with the bicycle, assess your anatomy, address physical issues and make adjustments to the bike. He will discuss all changes and provide you with a printout of your measurements for future use. He will also provide independent advice on equipment and injuries.

Book your time with 3D tri club via our website. Please arrive 10mins before appointment time.

Please wear cycling shorts, jersey and cycling shoes

Any questions just email us!